01 julio 2009

Downtown Battle Mountain - Dance Gavin Dance

1. Untitled
2. And I Told Them I Invented Times New Roman
3. It's Safe To Say You Dig The Backseat
4. Strawberry Andre
5. Lemon Meringue Tie
6. The Backwards Pumpkin Song
7. Antlion
8. Turn Off The Lights I'm Watching Back To The Future
9. Open Your Eyes And Look North
10. Surprise! Im From Cuba. Everyone Has One Brain
11. 12 Hours. 630 Miles


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Anónimo dijo...

Not sure where to post this but I wanted to ask if anyone has heard of National Clicks?

Can someone help me find it?

Overheard some co-workers talking about it all week but didn't have time to ask so I thought I would post it here to see if someone could help me out.

Seems to be getting alot of buzz right now.